Training Course: The Management of Electronic Records

The course has been designed to provide practical training and guidance to those responsible for the management of electronic records, including:

  • the management of records in regulated business systems (such as electronic trial master files and SharePoint sites);
  • the management of record life-cycles, including record creation and templates; and
  • the management of electronic archives.

The course covers all aspects of managing electronic records and the specific regulatory requirements that apply in this area.
Specific topics covered include:

  • Regulatory and Legal Requirements
  • File formats and Storage Media
  • Electronic Record-keeping Tools
  • Electronic Mail
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Digital Preservation Strategies
  • Archive Solutions

Location and bookings

  • Courses are usually run at Touchbase Meeting Centre, Heathrow Airport.
  • The cost of the course will be £350 for SAG members, £395 for non-members.
  • An early bird discount rate may be available, £250 for SAG members, £295 for non-members.
  • The detailed training programme is available here.
  • Next course date: contact .
  • To book online, go to our booking site

Feedback received from the delegates on previous courses included the following endorsements:

  • Excellent food for thought
  • Digital preservation steps breakdown very helpful
  • Really lively, informative & inclusive workshop – really enjoyed this
  • Very good organisation – everything flowed well
  • This workshop was very useful to me because I could have a lot of new knowledge
  • I appreciated the informal and intimate atmosphere during the workshop
  • Scientific archivists rock!