guidenaBelow is a list of publications available from the SAG

Sagacity - our bi-annual journal provided free to members, containing articles of interest to archivists and records managers.

Guidance on the Archiving of Good Clinical Practice Material - 2nd edition published in May 2014. Provides practical help in relation to clinical archiving.

A Guide to Archiving of Electronic Records - published March 2014. Describes the specific issues associated with archiving electronic records, from the perspective of the archivist.

White Paper: Archiving audiovisual files - published May 2015 by the Electronic Archiving Special Interest Group.

White Paper: An assessment of the impact of European Clinical Trial regulations on GCP Records Management - published May 2015 by the GCP Special Interest Group.

White Paper: The Role and Use of PDF in Records Retention - published November 2016 by the Electronic Archiving Special Interest Group.

eTMF Selection RFP generic template - published March 2017 by the GCP Special Interest Group.

Note for book retailers:
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The following documents that are listed below were published by the GCP-RMA. In some cases, the guidance has not been reviewed or revised since being published and may no longer be aligned to new regulations or best practice. All documents will be reviewed by the SAG GCP Special Interest Group over the coming months and either withdrawn or revised as appropriate.”


Relevant Communication Guidance Document


GCP-RMA Guidance on Document Scanning and Destruction


GCP-RMA Guidance Document: Selecting a commercial storage provider


GCP-RMA Guidelines for retention of Clinical Trial Records at Investigator sites


GCP-RMA Reconciliation of issued, used and unused CRF Books, Modules, Pages