Below is a list of vendors that have been suggested by Scientific Archivist Group members for the archiving of paper or electronic data, or samples.
This list is not an endorsement by the Scientific Archivists Group of the vendors, and it is recommended that due diligence checks are performed prior to using any vendor.
Please be aware that while the details are correct at the time of publishing, they may be subject to change.

Vendor Name Contact details Paper archiving? Electronic archiving? Other (e.g. samples)? Notes
Arkivum  No Yes  No   
Crown Records Management  Yes No   No  
Cube Records Management Yes No No  
Deepstore Records Management Yes Yes Yes  
EPL Yes Yes Yes  
Iron Mountain Yes Yes No  
MJF Records Management Yes No No  
PHS Data Solutions Yes Yes No  
Preservica No Yes No  
Qualogy Yes No Yes (samples)  
Recall Acquired by Iron Mountain May 2016        
Restore Document Management Yes No No  
Rhenus Office Systems  Yes  No  No  
Wincanton Records Management Acquired by Restore Document Management November 2015   Yes  No  No  
Whitefoot Forward Yes No No  


Please provide any further suggestions for consideration on this list to the following discussion page: