How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2022

Do you want to know how to start a blog and make money in 2022?

This decision could make millions of dollars a year. Don’t you know how much money a top blogger makes each year?

how much the top Blogger earns every year

Huff Post (founded by Arena Huffington) – The Huff Post blog earns $500 million a year. The amazing fact of this blog is that there are 500 to 600 posts every day out of which 100 to 150 articles go viral.

Engadget (founded by Peter Rojas) – This blog makes $47.5 million in a year. The earning source of this blog is affiliate marketing by writing articles.

So, there are thousands of blogs that earn up to million-dollar.

However, the mean of this showing, encourage, you can become one of them.

Do you want to be like a boss through Blogging? You can earn passive income (such as autopilot income) from Blogging. It’s not hard, you just take action, and build a blog by reading how to start a blog in 2022 and make money.

Properly: After reading this article, you can start a blog right away, and in a few months you can make a passive income with a successful path.

As you can see below, here are some detailed and straightforward steps to create a profitable and branded blog.

Let’s start with the steps to create a new blog.

You want to know, I prefer you to start a blog and make money in 2022, but why?

Because of the competition is growing day by day, thousands of blogs start in a day, maybe more.

If you think Blogging is too complicated, you are wrong because it is very easy to start blogging, but you need the right guide at the right time, so I will guide you.

All you need is to start a blog and read and act the article to make money. After that, you’ll be able to start blogging without further ado.

Therefore, all new bloggers want to know the answers to these questions before starting Blogging.

How long does a new blog takes to rank on google? – However, a new blog can take 3 or 8 months to reach the top position on Google. It all depends on your niche, if your niche is micro, your blog will be listed on Google in a short time. If you are active on the blog, publish regular posts on it to increase your chances of ranking as Google gives you extra rewards on it. So, it takes 4 to 6 months for a typical blog to rank on Google, it all depends on your SEO, niche, and other factors.

How much money can you make from monthly Blogging?

If you start a blog today and post in it regularly, you choose micro-niche and consider SEO so it may take 2 to 4 months to start earning. If you do the right thing in the first year, your earnings will start and reach $1000. In the second year, your income will increase from $2000 to $3000 or more. If you regularly post 2 or more posts on the blog and improve SEO.
Some bloggers take a long time 1 to 2 years to rank and his earning start. It’s only one reason not active on Blogger and not publish regular posts, not improve SEO. And many other reasons.

Step 1: Choosing The Right Niche For Your Blog

The niche means your blog topic which means your article topics. Therefore, blog topic is not simple, because they have several topics in it.

99% of bloggers quit blogging at the beginning of 4 to 6 months because they do not choose a passionate niche for Blogging.

This is most important, some bloggers take a profitable niche but they have no interest in it, so they quit blogging in the second or third month because they don’t get results or get bored. You need to find a niche that is of interest to you and profitable.

If you are confused about choosing the right niche, here are some examples.

QuickSprout – This is a successful blog, about search engine optimization, Blogging, affiliate marketing, website, e-commerce. Who makes millions of dollars a day

ShoutMeLoud – You can see the growth rate is very high in a short time. this blog teaches about SEO, WordPress, Blogging, and other many topics.

So, here are some points you should look into.

✔ Is the niche is your passion able and interested?
✔ Can you write articles about it?
✔ Have you knowledge about the niche?
✔ Is your niche is low competition topic? (not choose the branded topic)
✔ Is it an affiliate and a profit?

Step 2: Find The Best Domain For Blog

If you have already chosen your domain for your blog, skip it.

Choosing a domain is not difficult, you can easily find it, but you need to consider a few points which I will guide you. (e.g My blog domain is

I bought more than 5 domains when I started blogging, but I want to get a branded domain, it’s all gone. Finally, I chose the branded domain.

I wasted time and money because I chose the wrong domain, but I think you don’t make mistake.
Keep it Short and Easy to Read – Some bloggers have changed their long name to short because long domains are not easy to pronounce (John Moore changed his ‘boostblogtraffic’ to short domain ‘smartblogger’). Like my domain is short and easy. We recommend that you keep the domain in 14 characters.
Don’t Use the Number in Domain – Avoid using a number and hyphens because it makes the URL look clunky. And remembering the number in the domain is not easy. So use only English words.
Use Keywords – You can use your niche keywords (like Blogging, SEO, others according to your niche) as this word will improve SEO.
Always Use the .com Extension – You should use the .com domain extension because it is top-level and easy to remember.
Use a Domain Generator – You can also use the Blog Domain Generator to get the best domain ideas.

Step 3: Find a Good Platform For Your Blog

There is a lot of platform for Blogging I will guide you to choose the best platform. Like a WordPress, Blogger, Wix… which one is best.

I will highly recommend using WordPress.

Because in WordPress, you can easily and completely customize your blog theme, other platforms do not have this feature.

WordPress has many plugins that help improve SEO, and others like table building, table content, and more. So, WordPress is better and more advanced than others.

Why shouldn’t you use Blogger for Blogging? You can also use a blogger to start a new blog, but it is very difficult for the newbie who does not know HTML, CSS, and other basic web languages because the blogger platform has no customize and plugin feature. Which are in WordPress.

Step 4: Find Good Hosting For Your Blog

We need a domain and hosting to create a website / blog.

What is the Domain? – Basically, a domain is your website address URL that readers type into web browsers.

What is the Web Hosting – Web hosting is where your website’s data is stored in your blog file. showing blog data to the user when someone tries to access that data. For example, your PC’s hard disk is like hosting where your data stores photos, videos, files, and much more.

Which hosting is reliable and best? – There are tons of hosting available on the internet, but you need the best and trusted hosting for your new blog. Which I will describe.
Bluehost – Bluehost is the oldest and most trusted web hosting, and when it comes to WordPress, it becomes the biggest brand. WordPress recommended hosting provider.
SiteGround – Siteground is the most popular and highest rating hosting website. This web hosting makes your website faster and more secure. This is WordPress recommended hosting
Hostgator – Hostgator hosts 8 million domains and is the most popular hosting. This feature offers 1 click installation and 99.9% uptime guarantee and more.
After searching for the best hosting: If you want to know how to set up, you can look at the specific ‘Hosting Setup to Domain’ article on Google.

Step 5: Find The Light Theme For WordPress

After installing the domain and hosting, you need to find the best and lightweight WordPress theme, which is the most important.

Does the theme have an effect on your SEO, users? – Obviously yes! If you don’t choose the Fast Load Time theme, it will badly affect SEO and users. Pick the eyes-caching WordPress theme for your blog. And speed too fast.

Let’s take a look at the suggested themes for your blog.

GeneratePress – I didn’t know about Blogging when I started, that’s why my biggest mistake is choosing a blogger platform, blogger platform doesn’t support these lightweight themes. However, Generatepress is a fast website theme website, because it loads a website (less than 50KB). I would recommend choosing a theme from it. If you do not want to select one of them, you can choose another theme website like a StudioPress, MyThemeShop, Astra pro Theme.
After choosing the best theme, login your WordPress account and go to the Appearance section, click on ‘Add new’
Click on the ‘upload theme’ to select your downloaded theme, to activate your website.
After installing the theme, the main point is to customize the theme, so, click to the ‘Appearance’ section, click ‘Customize’. Make your website SEO friendly and beautiful in this section.

Step 6: Install the essential Plugin

Now, you need to install an essential plugin to make you a pro blog. The plugin in WordPress is working as a tool, so you need it.

So, see and install the below best and essential plugin.

Yoast SEO – This is the most important and highly recommended plugin as it makes it easy to do SEO on a page without any coding. It considers most SEOs to be easy to operate.

WP Rocket – You know that fast loading speed is the most important thing in a website. So, this plugin is paid but speeds up your website. I would recommend using this plugin if you can afford it.

iThemes Security – If you want to make a blog more secure so, should use this plugin.

Akismet – Spam comments are the biggest problem for every Blogger. So, the plugin automatically scans spam comments. This plugin is paid but most useful.

WordPress Popular Posts – This plugin is the easiest way to add the most popular blog posts to your blog. Your posts are automatically updated in this plugin.

If you don’t know how to install plugins in WordPress, let’s see.
Login WordPress account and go to the dashboard.
After that, go to the plugin by clicking the, click to add new.
Upload plugin zip file and, then click on install.
After that, click on the Activate button to install a particular plugin.
AlERT!: Do not use cracked plugins as hackers will easily use them to hack your website. I strongly advise you not to use cracked plugins if you want to become a pro blogger.

Step 7: Write Your First Article & Publish

First of all, congratulations on successfully setting up your blog: So, the most important and crucial point is to write SEO friendly and great, unique content. The rankings of your blog also depends on your content.

For writing the first blog post, Go to Dashboard, Post → Add New

Therefore, you need to know some basic things for writing an article. Let’s know

First of all: find some keywords related to your niche. You can try Google Keyword Planner or ahrefs to find good keywords.
Always use long-tail keywords because it ranks easily
You must use the powerful word in your title and content (like a how to, top, best, etc).
Don’t use the branded keyword, that already ranked high on Google. (like an Mp4 to Mp3 converter etc).
You should use images in your articles as this will attract readers to your article.
After writing a stunning article publish it: If you don’t know how to create a Google Search Console account so that they show your website and article on Google. So, you need to know how to submit a website to Google and another search engine.

Step 8: How To Earn $1000 To $5000 Or More Every Month From The Blog?

If you rank your blog on Google, you can earn thousands or more dollars from bloggers every month. Create branded blogs like Pro Blogger, Smart Blogger.

You can make thousands of dollars from blogs but if you generate more traffic so get traffic is hard but, not more. First: You need to get traffic to the blog from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, or any other platform.

So there are thousands of ways for bloggers to earn, but I will tell you the most profitable, beautiful way to earn money that every Blogger uses to make millions of dollars.

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is the most profitable and effective way to make money. If you promote a product, when someone buys it, the owner pays you a commission. Most profitable marketing is an Amazon, and you can promote any other.

Advertisement On The Blog – Every Blogger makes handsome money using advertising methods. In it, you can promote your blog traffic and earn revenue. The most trusted and profitable advertising company is Google AdSense,

Sell Your course – If you can create courses and sell them to an audience, this is an effective way for you. First, you need to build users and the reader’s trust.

However, there is the best way to earn money and you can find out more ways to earn.
Pro Tip: If you choose a passionate and profitable way (Niche) then you can earn, otherwise you will soon quit blogging.